Masturbation Treatment


 Masturbation is a common body procedure like heartbeat and urination. But too many or lack of masturbation influence your physical health. People of all ages can masturbate and it is a symbol of good health. People are sexual bodies throughout their lives, so masturbation is a normal part of sexual evolution. Normal masturbation lessens the chances of prostate cancer and raises immunity. It has numerous benefits so you should not be bothered about the regular masturbation. However, when things go exceeding control such as everyday masturbation or lack of masturbation is a worrying situation that needs special attention.

Effects of excessive masturbation

Too much masturbation influences the relationship, sexual health and also replaces the realistic sexual experiences. It also causes substantial soreness, sensitive problems, and displays a habit to reach orgasm. Over-masturbation ends in more discharge of reproductive hormones such as dopamine that drives brain and adrenal glands to produce the extensive hormonal conversion, overall it influences an individual’s build chemistry. Other obstructions which occur include premature ejaculation and low erection.

Consequences of lack of masturbation

Pelvic pain, tingling response during urination

Irregular PSA level (prostate-specific antigen)

Swelling in reproductive organs


While, ejaculation has also its allied psychological consequences such as stress build-up, anxiety and stress. Treatment for masturbation At Delhi Sex Clinic is possible and ensures boosting of body energy, vitality and enhances your confidence. The treatment normalizes body function, enhances semen quantity and improves sexual power. The medication gradually improves body health and brings back the sexual satisfaction back.

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