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Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is the most prevalent sexual difficulty for men where an individual lacks control over ejaculation so that it often occurs earlier than his partner’s needs, creating discomfort, anxiety for one or both partners. Some men ejaculate as quickly as foreplay commences whereas others lose authority when they try to embed their penis, while some exclaim very soon after insertion. Whatever the circumstance, premature ejaculation can cause anxiety and create stress within a man and his partner.

There are different pieces of evidence of premature ejaculation wherein an individual from the time of their first sexual experience (lifelong), while in others, it will originate after a period of the normal sexual venture. When one loses control over ejaculation occasionally it is considered normal. Premature ejaculation is only a predicament if it occurs regularly. For instance, it is prevalent for a man to ejaculate quickly the first time he has sex. It is also normal if a man hasn’t exclaimed for a long time. The specific loss of control doesn’t indicate the man has a sexual problem.

Problems of premature ejaculation

If we look back in the past, premature ejaculation was considered to be completely psychological. Still, it is now believed that some men especially those with permanent premature ejaculation have a chemical irregularity in the brain centers regulating this role.

This can lead to connected psychological difficulties, such as performance anxiety. Acquired premature ejaculation can be induced by mental factors such as:

  • distress or anxiety, especially about performance
  • feeling worried about rejection by a sexual partner
  • anticipating failure
  • adverse sexual experiences in childhood
  • spiritual beliefs
  • strain
  • difficulties within the relationship.

Some men exhibit acquired premature ejaculation because they have erectile dysfunction and are inadequate to get or keep an erection that allows them to have sex.

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